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Background: The AIA Austin and Austin Foundation for Architecture have long-shared passion for community focused programs that increase public awareness of the positive impact of architecture and design. In 2022, both organizations determined to support the establishment of “The Center” – a center of design that includes but goes far beyond architecture, based in Austin, that will demonstrate the both the complexities and inescapable impact of design in its myriad forms.

Mission: The Center illuminates the impact of design for all. Here, we explore, imagine, and shape the future.

Vision: The Center is a lively and engaging cultural entity that inspires people to discover why design matters. It welcomes people, sparks learning, and ignites passion for design.

Those who experience the work of The Center develop new knowledge and curiosity about myriad related and intersecting fields of design and their potential to improve the world.

Programming is both playful and serious. Curated experiences and pop-up projects invite visitors of all ages and interests to design and critique solutions to challenges facing our community (such as the impact of climate change, social and economic injustice, affordability, and mobility, among others). It uses technology to take visitors places within and beyond the immediate context. It inspires people in this rapidly growing region to actively participate in the building of vibrant, beautiful communities and to demand the highest standard in urban design

The Center puts design in the context of arts, culture, science, and technology. And it serves people as diverse and fascinating as the worlds it reveals.

The Center has many impacts — on individuals and on the design of the community we live in. It spawns innovative new work and collaborations, stimulates community conversations that result in breakthroughs in public and private placemaking. It is radically relevant, igniting the capacity of great design to shape Austin’s future.

“The Center” is both a think tank and a place for exploration and learning — both virtual and constructed — so that all persons can be changed by their expanding understanding of the importance of design.

And then change the world in turn.


The Founding Board will likely begin with 7 to 9 volunteer directors and grow from there. It will be charged with governing and growing The Center from its inception through its early years. At the onset, there will be a small (part-time) staff and modest financial resources. At inception, The Center will have organizational support from the AIA Austin and the Austin Foundation for Architecture. As the organization evolves, additional stakeholders – including entities dedicated to other fields of design -- are likely to be added at the discretion the Board and Executive Director.

The founding board of “The Center” will provide outstanding mission-based leadership and best practices in governance to support the successful launch of The Center.  In addition to the usual fiduciary requirements, during the next few years, this board will be responsible for overseeing the creation of The Center’s brand, its preliminary programming, establishing the board’s governance practices, structure, and composition, and supporting staff expansion. In addition to expanding its annual operating budget, the board will also consider expanded programming and potential for a physical site in Austin and requisite Capital Campaign.

Directors will be appointed for a 3-year term; some directors may serve an additional 3-year term.


Basic responsibilities and expectations include:

a. Exercising duties of care and loyalty at all times

b. Providing financial guidance and oversight; ensuring sound financial practices

c. Supporting, guiding, evaluating, and collaborating productively with the Executive Director

d. Executing outstanding governance including but not limited to modifying bylaws, as needed, and establishing organizational and board policies

e. Preparing for, attending, and conscientiously participating in board meetings (at least 5/year) and retreats (as determined)

f. Participating on or chairing at least one committee of the board

g. Expanding the organization’s financial capacity by participating in development-related activities.

h. Making a meaningful personal financial contribution.

i. Assessing The Center’s strategic direction and assessing progress toward strategic priorities

j. Promoting the value of design in our community and serving as an ambassador for the organization.

k. Identifying and establishing mutually beneficial relationships with:

· potential strategic partners including those with expertise in wide-ranging fields of design

· other community organizations and champions

· potential donors and other sources of financial support


We are seeking diverse candidates with a wide range of experiences and expertise; nominees are in no way limited to those practicing design in a professional capacity. Ideal candidates will demonstrate a mix of these qualities.

a. Nonprofit Leadership. Has extensive nonprofit leadership experience and a track record of promoting the public good.

b. Passion for the Mission. Exudes passion for the mission and commitment to delivering on the organization’s ambitious promise.

c. Commitment to Equity. Has a demonstrated commitment to furthering justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

d. Entrepreneurial Spirit. Brings innovative and creative thinking. Demonstrates experience engaging in short-, mid-, and long-term thinking simultaneously. Has guided growing organizations; can makee. Creative. Open to new ideas, sees possibilities.

f. Strategic. Focuses on the right things. Frames issues in useful ways.

g. Knowledgeable/Curious. Brings both abundant knowledge and curiosity to the work of the organization

h. Relationship Development. Is diplomatic, demonstrates the capacity and inclination to cultivate trusted and effective relationships, particularly among diverse people and entities.

i. Strong Network. Has deep community ties and a strong network of contacts. Leverages their network to connect the work of The Center to the broader community.

j. Trusted Reputation. Bring a reputation of integrity, collaboration, creativity. Inspires the confidence of others. Enhances The Center’s public standing.

k. Collaborative. Is a team player. Listens carefully. Shows respect for others. Has emotional intelligence.

l. Full Engagement. Has the capacity to be generous with time, talent, and treasure. Prepares, attends, executes promises. Reliable follow through. Makes time. Gets things done.

m. Philanthropic. Commits to an annual financial contribution. Motivates others to likewise be generous supporters. Helps expand the organization’s financial capacity.

n. Appreciation of Design. Has enthusiasm for design and its potential impact irrespective of one’s own professional role or industry.

The Center seeks leadership representing diversity in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, and professional experience and talents.


Potential nominees are invited and encouraged to submit a nomination (on your own behalf, on behalf of someone else, or both).

Please complete the Nomination Form as thoroughly as possible and submit online. The submission deadline has been extended from  January 23 to February 20, 2023 at 10pm CST.

If you have any questions or to request a paper copy of the form or, please reach out to Meredith Bossin at meredith@aiaaustin.org or (512) 782-4750

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